Pakola to re-launch iconic glass bottle at Karachi Eat 2015

Pakola to re-launch iconic glass bottle at Karachi Eat 2015


Pakola will re-launch its single serve, returnable glass bottle at the Karachi Eat 2015 food festival at Frere Hall today.

The production of Pakola’s glass bottles was suspended in July 2013 when the government imposed a capacity tax on beverage bottlers which Mehran Bottlers (owners of Pakola) were unable to pay. Pakola then launched a 250ml disposable can in lieu of the bottles.

However, as Zeeshan Z. Habib, CEO, Mehran Bottlers explains, “The capacity tax collapsed due to litigation in July 2014. We restarted production immediately after this happened but we first introduced a PET bottle.”

Habib says the company was not planning to restart production of the glass bottles; however “consumer demand forced us to do so because there is a certain sense of nostalgia attached to it.” Additionally, “there are certain places such as clubs, restaurants and marriage halls, where glass bottles are still in very high demand.”

The re-launched bottle will be available at a special introductory price of Rs 10 at Karachi Eat 2015 however the retail price is Rs 20, but Habib says stores generally sell it for Rs 25.

Although Pakola is not planning a large marketing effort to accompany the re-launch because “we are a big brand but our marketing budget is small”, the company is engaging in BTL activities (such as Karachi Eat 2015 and the Masala Food Festival) and an outdoor campaign.