PakVibes was originally started in April, 1999 with the concept of promoting Pakistani Music and entertainment industry. The website was updated regularly till 2005 but unfortunately went into the hibernation mode because the people involved with this website got occupied with personal, business and other stuff. However, now we are back with the bang and all up to contribute to promote Pakistanis as a peace loving and positive nation.

Our intention is to paint a positive picture about Pakistan to both non-Pakistanis & Pakistanis. Pakistan is a lively, active, dynamic, multi-dimensional, exciting and energetic society. This is in direct response to the often painted picture of a country portrayed as compacted with violence & terrorism.

Our purpose is to construct positive image about Pakistan and create good vibes to celebrate things that deserve to be celebrated. To appreciate Pakistan in all its elements – its culture, its beauty, its potential, its poets and its determined people. PakVibes is all about positive side of Pakistan.

Our effort will be filled with the passion to show the brighter side of Pakistan. A country that is rich in culture and sports and a multilingual society. To show what Pakistanis are achieving all over the world in the international league of competitions. And also those who live in the far flung areas of this beautiful land and their lifestyles. PakVibes is not affiliated to any religion, political party, ethnic group or community. We are Pakistanis promoting the brighter side of Pakistan!

At PakVibes you will find a Pakistan that is not shown on TV and not written about in the newspapers or magazines. You can also join our troop and contribute positive news items or stories about Pakistan and Pakistanis from around the globe.  Come along with us on this journey of exploration about all things positive Pakistan has on offer. Come join us and spread the word!